To buy in Westfalen includes insurance cover

HOLTWIESCHE HORSE MARKETING UG goes along with R+V Versicherung AG

After the auction award every horse will be insured by the following insurance company

Reinhold Hecker 
Generalagentur der R+V Versicherungsgruppe

Am Albertsberg 30
75031 Eppingen

Telefon  +49 7262 6293
mobil  +49 171 9676722
Fax  +49 7262 5279


A premium of 2,0 % of the auction price (basis for the premium calculation:

gross auction price plus gross fees) covers the horse for a period of 8 weeks (defined as 56 days) for the following:

• 80 % of the horse’s value in case of mortality or emergency slaughtering due to illness or accident

• 80 % of the horse’s value in case of permanent uselessness for riding and driving due to illness or accident (not valid for ponyyoungster).

This insurance contract is based on the German general insurance rule AVB TLP 01/2008.

Also included in the cover are:

• The insurance of animal also applies the cases mentioned above if they are result of a transport accident within the EU (by land, air, sea) within the aforementioned 8 weeks from Handorf to the new owner´s home.

• If auction was held in commission business: The sum insured is deemed to be the auction price plus additional costs and value added tax, maximum € 60.000,-.

• The sum insured is deemed to be the auction price plus additional costs (incl. value added tax), maximum € 100.000,-, Exception: sales out of Germany, if the sale is exempted from value added tax (export). In these cases the sum insured is the auction price less the value added tax rate of the seller plus additional costs. The maximum sum inssured are still valid like mentioned above.

• A follow-up insurance can be purchased within the 8-week period on the buyers account.

• A new radiological examination by the veterinary is not necessary, if purchasing the follow-up insurance through the same insurance company.

• There is no waiting period if the accountability of the follow-up insurance complies with the accountability of the auction insurance.

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